BAE Systems – Tactica

The Problem

BAE Systems are pioneers in designing some of the most important inventions and developments of modern military history. They needed to resource over 150 different components and sub-assemblies to support the build of 172 Tactica vehicles.

The BAE Systems Tactica are a range of versatile, 4×4 wheeled vehicles used by both military and civil security forces in a wide variety of roles. They can reach speeds of up to 120km/h and are a cost-effective way of transporting personnel quickly and safely.

BAE had experienced significant quality and delivery issues with their previous supply chain on this project. 150 different components were being flat packed onto a pallet, which was causing severe quality problems and also consuming excessive space and time in sorting, storing and subsequent kitting.

What was also problematic was keeping track of the numerous components that made up each full kit. With this in mind, it was vital that we could deliver the goods, on time and to an exceptional standard.

BAE Systems – Tactica - The Solution

The Solution

We worked closely with BAE systems throughout the Tactica project, letting our quality standards and repeated on-time deliveries do all the talking.

When we started the work, improved engineering solutions were introduced to control the product quality and reduce cost. For example, the Door Weather Seal Frames were initially manufactured from 24 sub components. We redesigned these to just 12 components, removing 70% weld and the inherent quality issues.

Our Technical, Production and Quality teams implemented robust plans to ensure vehicle production continuity from initial delivery throughout the entire project life cycle.

In addition, our Engineers used their automotive experience to design and develop bespoke delivery stillages to allow kitted component to be delivered direct to BAE line side. Stillages were supplied with dedicated component locations with clear identification, improving visual management and presenting materials in an ergonomic way. This approach helped BAE to improve their production efficiency through reduction of goods in storage, eliminated the need for BAE to sort and kit parts themselves, and improved the overall quality through reduction in component handling.

The outcome was 172 BAE Systems Tactica vehicles, with each vehicle consisting of 150 deliverable line items per vehicle. Through this project, we achieved 100% on time delivery and 99.97% quality through project life.

In recognition of our achievements on this project, we were proud to receive the BAE Chairman’s Bronze Award.

The Result

We’re proud to say that all 119,000 components and assemblies were delivered on time, with 99.7% quality.

We even received a Chairman’s Bronze Award from BAE Systems for the design, manufacture and implementation of our custom-built delivery units, which allowed just-in-time delivery of components straight to BAE’s production line.

Client testimonials:

“Tharsus have been one of the best suppliers on the Tactica Project.”

Nigel MacVean, BAE Project Director

“Congratulations to you all and very well done. Thank you for all your hard work, commitment and contribution. Well done!”

Denise Applewhite, Procurement Officer, BAE Systems

BAE Systems – Tactica - The Result