Finsen Technologies

The Problem

Finsen Technologies: shining a light on contamination

Finsen Technologies is a trailblazer in the development of decontamination products, paving the way with products that employ UV light to eradicate bacterial and viral contamination. Finsen Technologies sought a metalworker who could help them to form their THOR UVC high-output mobile disinfection robot.

THOR is a clinically proven decontamination product that delivers cutting-edge constant wave UV-C surface and air disinfection technology. THOR is designed for use in all areas of the hospital and healthcare environment, including operating theatres, patient rooms, and ambulances.


Finsen Technologies - The Solution

The Solution

We have supported Finsen Technologies during the development phase of their THOR UVC product, initially providing design for manufacture support, creating manufacturing drawings packs and producing initial prototypes and pre-production batches to fulfil demonstrator projects and early adopter customer orders.

Complementing our in-house fabrication capabilities, we have worked closely with our supply base to source mechanical components to provide a complete metalwork assembly, ready for fit out of the customer’s core technology and other electromechanical components.

This product serves the medical and healthcare sector, and as such, the finish of the product is critical from an aesthetic perspective, and also the functional requirement as the product surface promotes the diffusion of the UV light technology, enhancing Finsen Technologies’ unique patented design features that reduces shadowing, enabling the system to decontaminate to the highest industry standards.

The Result

Finsen Technologies has big plans for this product and Universal Wolf are pleased to be an important part of the team that will see these units being distributed on a global basis into the hospital and healthcare environment. We look forward to taking this product into serial production as Finsen begin to establish traction in their market.


Finsen Technologies - The Result