Pearson Engineering

The Problem

Defence specialist Pearson Engineering – part of the Reece Group, is an award-winning provider of counter-mine and counter-IED equipment for armoured vehicles.  Their interchangeable vehicle attachments are specifically designed to allow Commanders to optimise their resources to the needs of the mission and products like its Spark mine roller having been credited with saving countless lives in conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan.

Pearson Engineering had developed an auxiliary hydraulic power supply called a Motor Pump Unit (MPU) to allow the latest generation of mine roller systems to be operated when the unit is stationary or if the primary power system were to fail.

To support a large production contract for their Spark II mine roller system, Pearson Engineering required a manufacturing partner to produce over 2000 MPU assemblies.  With the nature of products in the realm of defence it was also vital that the supplier could provide full material traceability and completion within tight timescales.

Pearson Engineering - The Solution

The Solution

Our expertise in sheet metalwork fabrication allowed us to complement Pearson’s extensive knowledge in defence product innovation, fundamental system design and heavy fabrication.

We worked closely with Pearson Engineering prior to production kick off to add value through design for manufacture improvements on the metalwork components.  Originally the housing unit was a multiple part fabrication with five or six elements requiring coded welding with 100% magnetic particle inspection.  We were able to recommend and implement modifications to the design altering to a single cover without welds.

In addition to our metalworking capability, Pearson Engineering also recognised the benefit of utilising our sister company Tharsus, who specialise in assembly of electromechanical products and machines, to undertake the assembly of the MPU system, enabling them to purchase fully assembled and tested units, instead of individual components.


The Result

We introduced automatic testing to 280 bar and each major component of the unit was uniquely numbered and barcoded to ensure traceability in the event of field repairs.

In total, we supplied over 2000 MPU systems, achieving all quality and project timescale requirements.

Client testimonial:

“I can see how proud you guys are of what you have achieved, and rightly so!”

Roger Anderton Production Director

Pearson Engineering - The Result