Project Management

Project Management

Whether it’s a new product to market, or an existing product in need of development, our project team will be on hand to help navigate your project in the right direction and into production in an efficient and cost effective way.

We are recognised as industry experts in the field of complex sheet metal fabrication and have built a team of experienced, best class project professionals who will facilitate your project requirements.

Many organisations fail to understand the importance of project management which can result in a lack of clarity of customer needs, scope of work and a risk of cost escalation due to unforeseen detail.

Your Project Manager will be your primary point of contact throughout the New Production Introduction phase of your metal fabrication project, they will help to facilitate all interactions between our teams and give you confidence that as a collective team (you and us) we are driving forward together in the right direction.

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Project Management

Our Project Management process is designed specifically ensure the success of complex sheet metal projects.  Your Project Manager will work with your team in a collaborative and constructive manner, following the key steps outlined below to deliver your project on time and to budget:

Project Definition

We begin by establishing the nature of the project in detail, ensuring that every element, however small, is clear and agreed before work begins. There are two distinct review steps in this process; Technical and Contract.

  • Technical review
    When we receive your design specifications our expert team will carry out a full review to identify any changes which can strengthen the durability and stability of your design, areas where we may need clarity, any potential improvements we can suggest and any risks to your business and objectives that might be involved in producing the item as it is. We will provide complete and honest feedback and work with you to make any changes we agree. Our aim is to ensure that your design is the very best it can be, so the product we make is the very best it can be. We need to get it right from the very beginning.
  • Contract review
    Once we agree on the design, we will also review our contract in full. This is our commitment to you. We need to ensure that if we have made changes, we can still meet, and ideally exceed, your expectations. We will work together to agree budgets and timescales, limiting the possibility of encountering nasty surprises down the line.

Only when we are both satisfied that the design and contract are in order will we move on to the next stage, giving you complete peace of mind.

Project Set Up

When it’s time for us to begin work on your product, we will assemble a dedicated team with all the complex sheet metal fabrication skills required and ensure that all the specialist metalwork equipment needed is in place and ready to go. Your Project Manager will work with our NPI (New Product Introduction) team, who will meet with their team regularly and provide you with as many (or as few) updates as you require.

Project Execution

From the very beginning, the project manager will brief all members of the team thoroughly and check understanding, continuing discussions on a daily basis to ensure that this understanding is maintained and that the project is running to the agreed time scales.

It is important that we stay in regular contact with you, the customer, during this phase and that we regularly discuss progress. In many cases our customers want to come to inspect and sign off each initial ‘black build’ component part of the new item and we actively welcome this as the ultimate confirmation that everything is as it should be for both of us.

If further unexpected queries or issues arise at any stage, we will always contact you for your thoughts or just to keep you up to speed. We will always welcome your input as we work. This is your product, your vision, and we regard you as a vital member of our team in bringing it to life.

Project Close

Once we have completed our first production cycle, we will carry out a full review of the outcome. We want to know that our processes and team have performed as we intended and that the finished product meets our high expectations and yours. We may identify areas for change that can improve the product, save you money or get things done faster. If we do, we will share them with you with the aim of agreeing and introducing them before we move onto full scale production.

If for any reason, either of us feel a review of the whole product is needed, we’re never shy of starting the whole process over again. At Universal Wolf ‘good enough’ is never good enough – we always strive for perfection.


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