Complex Machine Fabrication

Finding the right sheet metal fabrication supplier for complex products requires the right level of evaluation and due diligence to ensure your needs are well aligned with the specific metalworking capabilities of the supplier.

For many years, Universal Wolf has been at the forefront of producing complex components and subassemblies for high tech equipment and machines across a wide range of industry sectors.

Whether its market leading airport baggage scanning machines, industrial part washing machines or precision CNC machines, Universal Wolf has the pedigree to design, manufacture and supply production sheet metalwork for industrial machines and equipment to the highest standards.

With a proud heritage in UK manufacture of machinery sheet metal fabrication, our customers are some of the global trailblazers in their sector, spearheading new technology development and product innovations which keeps them at the top of their game in the machine and equipment manufacturing market.

Our experience spans a wide range of industry sectors, this helps us to gain insight and knowledge of best practice manufacture of machine sheet metal fabrication in some of the most demanding applications. Our customers rely on us to manufacture their machine metalwork on time, in full and to their exact specifications. The parts we produce are critical to the performance and aesthetic appearance of the overall machine, therefore we believe in working closely with our customers from the outset to build up a clear understanding of “what good looks like”.

To help guide potential customers who may be considering a new sheet metal fabrication partner for their equipment or machinery, we have outlined below a few examples of different types of machines that require complex sheet metal fabrication that we could produce. Whether you are looking to take a new product into market or have an existing machine that needs a new supply chain partner, we would be happy to hear from you and have an initial discussion to explore the options.

Types of machines that require sheet metalwork:

  • Manufacturing & Process Machines, such as;
    • CNC Machines
    • Grinding Machines
    • Laser Cutting Machines
    • Water Jet Cutting Machines
    • Milling /Turning Machines
    • Printing Machines
    • Packaging Machines
    • Slitter Rewinding Machines
    • Metrology Machines
    • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Airport Baggage Scanning Machines
  • Conveyor Machines
  • Medical Machines
    • X-ray Scanners/imaging machines
    • Disinfection machines
  • Simulation Machines
  • Compressor Machines
  • Fume Extraction Machines
  • Industrial Vending Machines
  • Part Washing/Degreasing Machines
  • Robotic Machines
  • Food Weighing/Sorting Machines
  • Glass Crushing Machines
  • Self Service Machines
  • Chilling/Refrigeration Machine
  • Agricultural machines
  • Surface Mounting Machines
  • Scientific Machines
  • Pressure Washing Machines

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